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How and why do I Cleanse and Charge my crystals?

So you're confused about how to cleanse and charge your new crystals, we get it and were here to help.

Your new crystals are like your gym membership, buying it just isn't enough, you have to do some work.

When you bring new crystals into your collection its important that you cleanse, charge and set their intention to ensure they are working for you in their optimum state. 

There are a multitude of ways to do this and it can be a little overwhelming sometimes, we've listed below to simple ways that we personally like to use. 



Crystals have their own energy and vibrations but also have the ability to absorb and store energy, whether its from the area they are mined from, the space the are kept in or the people who are handling them. Sometimes shit gets heavy and they need to be cleansed. We don't mean pop them in the dishwasher or anything we just mean energetically they need to be cleanse and remove any lingering energies that are not serving you. 

How do I cleanse my crystals you ask? Here's some simple ways that we use:

  • Water: Literally put them under running water for roughly one minute per crystal then sit to dry. It's important to note that not all crystal are safe for water so you do need to do some research first. If you are near the ocean salt water is a great cleansing option. 
  • Burning Sage or Palo Santo: Hold your crystal in the smoke to smudge. Personally I prefer this method as I like to also cleanse the space I am storing the crystals in at the same time. Check out our cleansing kits here. 
  • Selenite: While Selenite isn't the only crystal you can use to cleanse yours it is one of the most well know given it's ability to not absorb any energies and not require cleansing or charging itself. You can pop your smaller crystals on top of a piece of Selenite and leave it to sit for 12-24 hours.



Sure it seems strange to charge a rock if your new to working with crystals, we get that. Think of your crystals like your iPhone, you know your battery can get drained. The more you use it, the faster it drains and the more you need to charge it. When your crystals are fully charged they are able to work to their full capacity for you whether it's protecting you, manifesting abundance or love, you want your crystals in peak performance. 

  • Selenite: As above Selenite is magic in the way it can not only cleanse your crystals but also charge them. Check out our charging plates here and here they are the easiest way to keep your crystals charged. 
  • The Moon: The New Moon and the Full Moon are perfect times for cleansing and charge your crystals when the energy of the universe is amplified. 
  • Crystal caves: if your lucky enough to have a crystal cave you can place your crystal inside the cave and allow the larger crystal to charge the smaller ones energy. 


Stay Fabulous Tribe, 

TCG's xx 

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