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Palm Stones

Palm Stones

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Palm stones are polished oval stones that can be used for crystal healing, meditation and many other healing practices. The reason that palm stones are called 'palm stones' is very simple: they fit perfectly into the palm of your hand.


Blue Lace Agate - calms nerves, relaxing, positive

Purple Fluorite - Peace, Focus, Positivity 

Howlite- Calms mind, Activates personal energy, Stress reliever

Lapis Lazuli - encourages self awareness, clarity, 

Rose Quartz- Self love, Raises Self Esteem, Lowers Stress

Sodalite- Communication, Stimulates Creativity, Self Esteem

Rainbow Moonstone- Associated with the Lunar Cycles, Feminine Energy, Relieves stress.


Price is for 1 palm stone 

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