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About Us

We're just two Melbourne based girls with a love of crystals and all things that sparkle.  

Having always been fascinated in crystals as children, we noticed that as we grew older and became more spiritual, we were intuitively drawn more and more towards crystals, and so we began collecting and using them for ourselves.

We use them for grids, manifesting, protecting our homes and personal work spaces, carrying them in our bra's... you know, the usual things.  

Our friends started to ask about the crystals we had and slowly started to become interested, seeking guidance and advice from us. We started to intuitively gift beautiful crystals to our friends and loved ones as we felt they needed them in life.

We wordered that if our friends were interested in learning how to work with crystals, then maybe others were as well  

And so Those Crystal Girls was born.

We started with our statement bags, just a simple little kit for those who are new to crystal work and unsure where to start.  

Every item is hand selected with love. Many are hard to part with as we fall in love with each one, however we know there is a loving home out there for them, where they are needed.

We are excited to be sharing these pieces with you. 

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We love to see our pieces once you get them, so don't forget to share your new gifts with the hashtag:  #thosecrystalgirls   

Please contact us to connect. 

Much Love, 

Jayde & Claire xx